03 October 2008

News as at March 2009

Welcome to the Dragon Quest IV Walkthrough for the Nintendo DS with free live support and featuring a relatively spoiler free walkthrough that you can almost use without reading

STATUS Work on Dragon Quest is on indefinite hold while higher priority walkthroughs and projects are being developed

Live support continues to be available if you would like a bit of help with Dragon Quest IV DS (including monster locations)


While the graphics in Dragon Quest V borrow heavily from Dragon Quest IV, the environments are more diverse and feature a little more animation

The casinos are more interesting and include slime races and "life size" board games (with battles and items to find)

The early weapons are generally more useful including boomerangs that deal out damage to all enemies

Monsters may offer to join your party and most will learn spells

Boss monsters no longer appear in the Big Book of Beasts

A Whac-A-Slime mini-game uses the touch screen

King Minikin's rewards are now more like a shop where you can use the mini medals to get what you want

Specialty items can be traded with other players

Characters can equip multiple accessories

A world map has been made (to be named once the DS town names are known)

A giant version of the board game (spanning multiple floors) becomes available at the end of the game

All monsters have been found (29 monsters recruited) and their locations have been recorded (including at which floors they appear in towers and dungeons)


I've verified that Sir Roseguardin (found inside Rosehill) does not appear in Chapter Six, so make sure you get him added into the Big Book of Beasts before then

Additionally, Sir Roseguardin will only drop the Sphere of Silence if he's the last monster to fall in the battle


The walkthrough offers free live help (usually between 7 and 12 hours a day) if you would like a bit of help with the game

This can be obtained through CuppaJava or IRC